Our Canyon Country Ministry, The New Life Institute, was founded in 1979. Almost 100 men are housed, fed and given the Gospel of Jesus Christ every day. Canyon Country uses a Biblical approach to rehabilitation. By offering spiritual guidance based on the Word of God, guest residents prepare to re-enter the working and social environment with confidence. Guest residents read the Bible every morning, attend Bible studies every evening and receive spiritual guidance on a daily basis. They work in departments ranging from the front office to kitchen to landscaping in preparation for the day they leave the ministry. Many opportunities are provided to learn the skills required to become productive members of society.

Bible Tabernacle founder, Pastor Fred Hilst, believed that the self-contained environment of the facility (an 11-acre ranch away from the city) would help those in need of spiritual guidance to focus on the Word of God. As the name New Life Institute suggests, this is a place where thousands of men have started on their way to a new life with the Lord Jesus as their savior.

All men must:

  1. Take part in a telephone interview at first contact.
  2. Minimum 6 month commitment.
  3. Have a willingness to make life changes.
  4. Be willing to participate in all classes, services and Bible reading.
  5. Not have any outside appointments for the first 30 days.
  6. Not be receiving General Relief.
  7. Be willing to get a haircut if asked.
  8. Not to be on psychotropic medications.
  9. Be willing to remove all body piercings.
  10. Participate in work therapy.